How much protein should be eaten to gain muscle?

How much protein should be eaten to gain muscle? Friends, if you also go to the gym or do yoga workouts at home. So you think how much protein should we eat in a day so that we can build muscle mass?

You must have seen that many bodybuilders consume more than 300 grams of protein a day. Seeing this, you must think that how much protein should I take daily?

We will give you complete information today, because I have experience in bodybuilding from the last three years.

Before proceeding, let us tell you that every person's body is different, so you should meet your protein intake every day.You won't get better results if you copy someone else's protein intake.

How much protein should be eaten to gain muscle?

Let's know how much protein should be eaten to gain muscle? Friends, how much protein you should eat in a day depends on its size.  If your body has become fat and now want to reduce it, then you should take a little more amount of protein.This is why you need to gain weight if you are too thin.  However, if your protein intake is lower, it will still work because the carbohydrates will be lower.

When it comes to muscle gain, you need to know how much protein you should consume daily so that your recovery is quick and your muscles grow.

  • When it comes to basic protein requirements, you should eat protein in proportion to your weight each day.  This will not cause protein deficiency in your body.
  • You should eat 1.5  times your body weight in  protein if you do yoga or alka workouts and want to build ghar.  If your body weight is  60  kg then  60*1.5 =  90GM
  • You should eat twice as much protein when you do heavy workouts.  If you weigh 70 kg, you should eat 70*2=140 grams of protein per day, which will make you lean faster.

Friends, I have told you how many grams of protein you should eat every day, so that you can gain muscle quickly. 

If you want to build more lean muscle, you can increase your protein intake even more, so you can get your best massage.


Through this article we told you how much protein should be eaten to gain muscle? If you like it then share it with your friends.  If you have any query, let us know in the comment section.  Thank you

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